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Guy Fixing Kit - G1

  • €59.93

If you are installing large quantities of kits you may want to consider selecting a Power Drive Rod (i.e. PDRS4 22x108)

Hand Drive Rods - HDRS4 €41.15
Tension Lever - TL1 €23.69
Plati-Hook - PH1 €60.27
Power Drive Rods - PDRS4 - 22x108 €61.75
Rod Removers (Pair) - RR1 €81.26

Guy fixing kits are available in a range of sizes to suit most high quality tree transplants up to 20m high. These kits are fast and easy to install, offer effective support for trees in highly exposed areas and for trees which require correction against leaning.

A simple drive rod and tension lever is required for installation although powered machinery is recommended for multiple installations and for G3 / G4 kits. We are happy to recommend kits for particular applications and soil conditions.