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Rootball Fixing System - Strap - RF2S

  • €50.15

If you are installing large quantities of kits you may want to consider selecting a Power Drive Rod (i.e. PDRS6 22x108)

Hand Drive Rods - HDRS6 €55.00
Tension Lever - TL2S €23.69
Plati-Hook - PH1 €63.28
Power Drive Rods - PDRS6 - 22x108 €115.00
Rod Removers (Pair) - RR1 €85.32

This tree anchoring system, using our own webbing strap and bespoke tensioner, is ideal for small inexpensive rootballed trees on projects with a limited budget.

Although designed as a low cost tree anchoring system, careful consideration and many years of development have enabled us to manufacture a strap tensioner capable of producing the high loads needed to correctly anchor and secure these trees. Both 25mm and 35mm standard strap tensioners have been specifically engineered to meet our usual high standards.

The RF2S Kit Contains:

  • 3 x S6 Anchors with Delta Links
  • 5 Metres of 35mm Strap
  • 1 x Strap Tensioner